Project Description

Anstruther, Fife

The project at RKF Ltd was started in January 2018. We originally went to the farm to install male feeders, female feeders, drinker lines, augers from silo to day stores and augers from day stores out to hoppers.

While we were working on the job Roy asked us for help with his ventilation, he had been sold supply-only and didn’t know how to install it. The Jel team never leave someone struggling, so we got to work and had the ventilation done in no time at all. We really enjoyed installing the systems on Roys farm, even the days where we had to walk to site due to snow storms from “The Beast from the East”, everyday everyone was laughing and joking.

The following year Roy decided to install spin feeders throughout his sheds, we were again asked to carry out the install, so there we were again, this time it was warm though!

We have worked with RKF since the beginning and we can’t wait to be involved on their next project. They are more than a happy customer, they have become friends.

This is a GGP site housing approximately 25,000 breader birds

Project Details


March 2018


RKF Poultry Limited


New installation
System optimisation



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