Our Nest system provides a very hygienic environment for egg production and helps in reducing heat accumulation inside the nest. The nest material is also very unattractive for red-mite

The nest provides hens with a comfortable and hygienic environment to lay their eggs. The high nest entrance allows birds to easily enter and leave the nest, sliced curtains at the entrance create shadows in the nest and therefore help to avoid mislaid eggs. At night the floor is lifted and the nest is closed so the birds have no entrance and the nest keeps clean.

Inside the nest an Astroturf mat keeps the nest clean and hygienic and provides the hen with a comfortable surface for laying the eggs. The egg has a short rolling distance from the nest to the egg belt in the centre of the nest, this also avoids cracked eggs. Drinker line in front of the nest leads to high nest acceptance and usage.

Various designs
The nests are available in various designs single nests, double tier and the nest is also incorporated in our aviary systems. Different types of egg collection systems can be combined with the nest depending on your wishes.

Why choose our Nest system?

  • Well accepted by the birds

  • High egg quality

  • Less floor eggs

  • Hygienic environment

  • Easy to manage

  • Automation of egg collection


  • Wire or plastic slats

  • Slat on top

  • Manure belts underneath slatted area

  • Anti-perching device on roof

  • Different extras for nest (Egg curtains, nest rejection grid)

  • Egg collection systems (cross belts, collection tables, elevator)

  • Water pressure regulation



We supply, fit and service a comprehensive range of Aviary sysyems to suit every situation

Modern modular Aviary systems ensure your house runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible providing a safe, healthy, easily maintained environment to ensure happy productive hens

Our robust systems are designed and manufactured for easy construction

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. The birds have good accessibility into the system. Nests, feed, water and several perches can be reached easily. High densities up to 15 birds/m² floor space are possible.

Eggs are well protected as they roll from the nest gently to the eggbelt. The metal rear wall of the nest can be folded down entirely allowing for easy access and thorough cleaning. Furthermore, the complete nest floor structure can be easily removed for cleaning and access.

Why choose our Aviary system?

  • Available in different lay-outs allowing optimum use of the house

  • Perfect nest acceptance for the highest number of sellable eggs

  • Nests, water, feed, perches and slatted areas are easily reachable

  • Perfect overview

  • Long lifetime


  • Roof slats

  • Air channels

  • Legs stainless or galvanised

  • Different perches, round or Salmet shape

  • Distances between nipples

  • Additional nipple lines

  • V-trough or drip cups underneath nipples

  • Dust belt underneath nest



The Pedigrow rearing system trains young hens in all aviary relevant system elements. This way birds learn everything they need to optimally perform in aviary systems

The multi-tier rearing system is giving you full control over feed, water, manure belt & lighting systems. The middle tier has compartments for the placing and brooding of day old chicks

Easy vaccination
The Pedigrow rearing system consists of several compartments, which simplifies the catching and vaccinating of the hens. Each compartment can easily be opened for inspection, vaccination or catching.

Reliable manure removal
Salmets proven manure drive system is used in the Pedigrow system giving you reliable manure removal.

Why choose the Pedigrow system?

  • Perfectly trained hens

  • Higher rearing density

  • Uniform Pullets

  • Low maintenance


  • Raised legs with closing grit

  • Bottom tier as day-old chick tier

  • Rear wall for bottom tier with second nipple line

  • Rear wall top tier

  • Additional perches on top tier (1-4 perches)

  • Different perch shapes

  • Closed top tier



We supply and fit only the best cooling & ventilation systems designed specifically to suit your own requirements

Whether it’s Air inlets, Air outlets, Wall fans, Exhaust fans, Conical fans, Large volume fans, Chimney fans, Light traps, Temperature management or Control sytems, we’re your 1-stop-shop for supply, fit, service and upgrade.



ALL the advantages of the latest technology within a very simple and easy to fit plug-and-play lighting system

Simple, Easy and Hassle Free

The latest in modern lighting presents numerous advanatages over traditional lighting. We supply and fit these innovative specialist lighting systems.

Why choose our Lighting system?

  • Easy fit & hassle free

  • Touch-screen control system that has a proven track record within the UK Poultry industry

  • Low energy consumption, reulting in vastly reduced energy cost when compared to traditional lighting

  • We only use recognised LED components, with a life expectancy of over 100,00+ hours

  • Flexible programming with 4 time/light settings with full dusk-to-dawn control from 10 seconds up to 1 hour

  • Fully dimmable system: 0.1% to 100% – bright enough for cleaning and will dim down far enough to be used as catching lights
  • Tough anti-corrosive body construction. Water-tight to specification IP67