“I am very excited to be working with British Power Group.

We are now able to offer a wide and exciting range of renewable solutions to the industry and all of our products are available to our customers on a zero-capital cost basis.

In these difficult and uncertain times reducing our clients’ energy spend and reducing their overheads at the same time will have enormous benefits to the industry and this will, I’m certain, be of great interest to our many customers and friends both here in the UK and Ireland”

Joe Shepherdson - Managing Director, JEL Poultry

British Power Group has in excess of over £100 Million of private investments already secured to fund Poultry Projects over the next 2-year period

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This funding covers Solar PV, Voltage Optimisation and recently Energy brokerage was added to the company’s renewable portfolio.

Photovoltaic Solar

PV Solar Installation

Voltage Optimisation

Voltage Optimisation

Energy Brokerage

Energy Brokerage

Secure available funding with Jel poultry and British Power Group and help to reduce your carbon footprint at the same time